About me

I’m a Toronto-based Spanish multi-lingual freelance journalist with over 14 years of experience writing for publications both printed and online in Spain, Canada and United Kingdom.

– Sustainability and Social Impact affairs: sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, environment, climate change, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), diversity, work-life balance, transparency, accountability, ethics, poverty, Human Rights
– Travel
– Mining
– Corporate Communications (for both Canadian and Spanish companies), such as: internal announcements and memos, annual reports, newsletters, executive speeches, web content, intranet content

– Long and short articles for printed and online newspapers and magazines
– Features stories for printed magazines and online publications
– Web postings for newspapers, magazines and companies
– Corporate material and papers from intranet material to executive speeches, including newsletters and feature stories for corporate internal publications


Seven years ago, I moved to Toronto with my partner in crime. And here we are for now, figuring out our next move. I like living abroad. Everything must have started about 15 years ago, when I went to Florence (Italy) to finish my last year of University and lingered there for two years. Then I moved to Casablanca (Morocco) without plans in mind and ended up working at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for another year. Meanwhile, I learnt languages (Italian, French, English, without forgetting Spanish, my mother tongue), developed life skills, and found out what life was about.

I obtained a degree in Political Science at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), got my major in International Affairs at Universitá di Firenze (Italy) and later achieved a Freelance Journalism & Corporate Communications Certificate at University of Toronto (Canada).

If there is something that hasn’t change after all these years, countries and cultures, is the great pleasure I find in little things. Long breakfasts reading newspapers. Books and more books. Music and concerts. Movies and documentaries. Maps and trains. Gastro routes finding out new flavours. The beach, the ocean, surfing. Trips, trips and many more trips. Things I could not give up. Lately I’m drawn by photography and here I am, taking my first steps in this area. Sometimes I fall, but I always get back up. Because it’s not about how many times you fall down, but how many you get back up and keep going.